Guess who’s talking now…


  I woke up today morning and for one hour, I tried to wake up my mom. I tickled her ears, that’s a tick I have, she doesn’t like but I’m still doing it. In the end, she woke up, made me breakfast my favorite omelet and we prepared to go meet my mom’s friend. They said something about the brain and the storm… and coffee but I don’t know what’s that… I was pretty quiet on the road, we arrived fast to that big round thing with food, toys and some shops that my mom love, I don’t find them so interesting but when mom goes inside there, she’s like me going to supermarket driving that car basket. We meet mom’s friend, it’s the first time when I see her and I liked her, she’s nice and she played with me.

  We went in one place with some tables, they ordered coffee and I ordered one croissant but I felt I need that one small trip. After my mom run with me in all that big place to find a toilet, I realized it was a false alarm. It’s ok .. this happens quite often 🙂

 We went back to the pretty lady, with that big black hat which I liked and I got to wear it myself for a little. I eat little from that croissant, normally I like but today… not that much. They were drinking coffee and I leave them to speak in quiet for few minutes until I got bored…. I don’t understand all these people staying at tables, talking and not moving too much. Isn’t it boring? I started to move from one chair to another, from one side to another, taking another bite from that croissant, drinking some water and running around.

  I listened to some music, I danced with mom’s friend and again… that small trip. They make one sign and one lady appeared to take us the money, we left and we run to the toilet but it was a false alarm again. They kissed each other and they said that they gonna meet again, I didn’t want to say goodbye. I don’t like to say goodbye when they tell me to and after I cry because I didn’t say bye.    

Yeah… I like to do that… 🙂



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