7 pieces to keep you warm…


I talked a lot about my love for autumn season in my previous post. But what about outfits and colors?
Of course, you can wear any color whenever you want but how pinky shades or white are perfect for summer for sure darker shades and earth tone colors fit best the fall. Now is the time to transition from all the bright and shiny colors to darker and brownie tones. We certainly should choose to wear those colors that match and favor our type of pigmentation (skin, hair, eyes) but about this, I’m going to speak in another post. Now let’s see what to wear since the weather starts to get cooler… I chose a few essential pieces for this season that will keep you warm !

Cardigan – stay warm and stylish  via Pinterest @Cupshed1f6f0350aea55efc21274171c799ef9


Cargo jacket – favorite for fall casual outfit via Pinterest @Stitch Fix2eaf9d8d857b88823efa56964eb8fd50

Booties –  one thing every woman needs in her fall wardrobe via Pinterest @Nordstrom5993ecfc3c86a15ab1bdc4280241e94b


Hat – nothing better than adding a hat to a fall look via Pinterest @Urbanoutfitters27cfb2b83706fd25cd2620a67f88e853


Sweaters – sweater weather is better weather via Pinterest @Urbanoutfitters282d2a442d66f573fb957351116ce1c6


Leather jacket – no wardrobe is complete without one via Pinterest @Topshop fcf676620683a16a731296d5fbc34aac


Scarf – add flair to your outfit  via Pinterest @Lyfie87f73c7aa20511bd50276716cc1851f8






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