What awaits me ?


    After five months in my country where now is real autumn and proper weather for October what I like most, today I bought tickets that will take me back to sunny Cyprus with 32 degrees. I want to cry right now ! I want jackets and boots no shorts and sandals !
I’m a winter person. I like summer as well, but if possible only one or two months per year would be perfect. I didn’t choose well the country where to live but that’s ok, hopefully, this is going to change sooner or later. Let’s make it more sooner than later 🙂
    About Cyprus, I can say that the legend says the greek goddess of love Aphrodite was born there and the country is also known as the playground of the Gods. Well, that sounds nice and special !     They even have Aphrodite and Adonis Baths as the tourist attraction. One of the most important things is that Cyprus is also among the safest places in the world with a very low crime rate. It’s good to know that you’re safe ! There are lots of events, wine festival during August and September, good food, beautiful places to visit and wonderful beaches. It is nice to visit or even to live there if you’re a total sun lover person.
   Few things I’m not so happy about there are that on an average, Cyprus receives 40 days of rainfall each year, I love rainy days and I need more. Fall in Cyprus feels like spring in Romania. It receives the sunshine for more than 300 days during a year, which is nearly double the amount received in Britain. Since I love to ski and I’m used to Romania mountains what they have there, are just hills. Feels like it take 20 minutes to reach the top with drag lifts and 4 minutes to ski down the slope. Not so cold how it should be and no so fun but at least Troodos is two hours away from the city and from January until march there is snow.

Take a look at that bright blue sunny sky during summer…


And during January… ( me “happy” to ski surrounded by green trees and a pure blue sky  ) 🙂





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