I have nothing to wear crisis ! 

        To be easier for me at the airport, I reviewed one courier agency, I thought few times that is possible to lose and never see my things again even though one of my friends is very happy with this agency services, I took the courage I needed, made some parcels and I send in Cyprus most of my clothes ! All of my clothes ! Bad idea because now I’m in that ” I don’t have nothing to wear ” crisis ” ! I didn’t have it from a long time and I forgot how serious this can be :)) How I can survive another week and a half ?
        What should I do now? To go shopping? I surely know what I would like to buy but …No, because that was the point of sending things before me, to have less luggage to be more comfortable and easier for me!
       The worst part when I have the “crisis” is to go in a mall for a coffee with my friend, after the coffee to go to see what’s new in shops and to don’t be allowed to buy ANYTHING. It happened this yesterday to me and I realized how many new things I need ( because everything I have it’s traveling to CY already) and because I just need some new clothes like always ! Because I couldn’t just leave the mall without anything new, I bought two pretty hats. It’s ok, I’ll find room in the luggage for them !

      Going back to new things and what I like and what I would buy, I already made myself a list and it’s just a matter of time ! 🙂 


Barneys original embroidered leather jacket  I can easily find a place in my wardrobe for it.


Double Breasted Coat I like the color, the length, the buttons perfect for this season.


The Cardigan because it’s never enough how many we have.


Wellies Boots  In looove ! 

Images via Asos and Zalando 


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