Bloody outfit…

    I like Halloween a lot ! Even though it is not a traditional holiday for my country and until a few years ago was not so popular and celebrated, I liked it from forever.    I find it fun and in that one night, you get to be however you want to be. One more reason to love fall season !
   Because I left seven years ago from my country, I didn’t get to celebrate it there, to see how it is, what kind of parties they organize and what costumes you can find, but I did it here almost every year.
   I have a thing for vampires and this year Halloween outfit idea and what I would definitely wear looks like this :
Bloody outfit


Givenchy buckle shoes
€1.390 –

Judith Leiber party clutch
€5.405 –

Charm pendant
€8,09 –

Lime crime lipstick
€18 –

Author: Dazed Muse

I always wanted to put my thoughts on paper, to have my own space and the arrival of my daughter managed to get the best out of me and give me the confidence needed to make myself heard. The fact that I graduated as a fashion stylist and fashion consultant gave me a big impulse, like this my Dazed Muse blog was born, and combining writing with my passions makes a strong statement about what you'll find here. Enjoy and feel free to contact me on any of the social media links displayed!

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