These Chloé lace-up boots just beg to be worn, or what? Current #obsession

    I know Polyvore from when it came out but I recently started to “play” more on it. It inspires me and I find this application pretty good for styling exercise. Oh and what pretty products can be found there. Take for example my current obsession with the Chloé ″Harper″ ankle boots!
    Yes I am a person opting more for casual, I like to feel comfortable and when it comes to shoes I need something that fits well in going out for a walk or anywhere else with my child and I certainly need to be able to run at any moment. 🙂 Yeah… we like running and chasing!

    But nevertheless, I found this pair of boots that I love, I think they go with absolutely all the clothes I have in my wardrobe and if I had them, I’m sure running after my daughter would not be an obstacle and I would absolutely wear them like crazy. You know that feeling when you own lots of shoes but each time when you dress you see only one pair working perfectly with your outfit, right? Yes, that kind of obsession I’m talking about! Oh wow, how many outfits ideas I have for them! :)) I would wear with skirts, dresses, jeans… silk, lace, leather with everything! I don’t mind at all that Chloé fall/winter 2016 collection brought back the gothic glam trend and showed these eye-catching sassy boots.
    Just let me show you and let me know if I’m wrong or right! I’ll start with the burgundy one of my favorite colors that’s perfect for fall and winter and velvet one of the current trends. 

Chloé Lace-up velvet ankle boots



Spicy yellow suede…

Chloé 'Harper' ankle boots



Navy leather…

Chloé Lace-Up Boots



Cognac leather…

Chloé Harper Leather Boots



Camel leather…

Chloé Harper Leather Boots



And of course in black, that does never fail…

Chloé Leather Ankle Boots


Chloé Harper Suede Boots


     In looove! In my opinion, these boots are for sure a strong statement for day and night. I really like their style because of the rounded toe and of course the oversized flat laces. The flared block heel it is certainly a plus and definitely very comfortable. My kind of boots! 

I hope that Santa reads this! Muah!



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