Celeb style crush!

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     I had to do this since I really really love her style…    First, she’s a Swedish actress and shame on me, I had seen only 2 movies she stars in, she’s a former ballerina, the face of Louis Vuitton plus since her first appearance, she became a major sensation in the fashion world and she managed to keep her spot ever since. Every time she appears on the red carpet is where all eyes are turning because she radiates finesse, youth, and charm. Oh… that’s not easy!  Can you guess who this pretty lady is?
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     Yeah, Alicia Vikander with her refreshing, unrivaled and effortlessly chic style is the one that brought something new that was missing from my point of view on those red carpet ceremonies. 🙂 Of course, we all know that on red carpets, movie premieres or events all actresses want to shine and attract all eyes around, but to keep your style polished or to be glam permanently even when you are on street with a coffee in hand is not easy. But it seems that The Danish Girl actress has what it takes… Starting with the first 2 or 3 dresses that transformed my eyes in heart shapes, I’m going to show some memorable outfits and few worthy style tips. 


 YES to leather, hot metal and sequins!

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Say YES to CLASSICS! You can never go wrong with a classic look and sometimes simple is beautiful. So when I doubt every woman can easily go with a black or white dress. 

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Pretty in PRINT! It is no secret that a well good print highlights and attract the eye. All-over prints can be very chic, but sometimes intimidating, so keeping a good balance and making sure the printed piece fits well, make the difference.

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Monochromatic look! It’s not an easy one to be from head to toe using a garish color yet by playing a bit with textures that go along and mixing different shades, may result in an exceptional outfit. And is way more simple to do it in nude, white or black. A classy way to dress up. 

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Women in Menswear! Actually the blend of masculine and feminine styles, the fashions favorite duo that is pretty easy to achieve.

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Stay true to COLORS and accessorize with neutrals! 

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Accessorize! Talking about jewelry now, I think there are some women who do not wear accessories or at least not always and I am among them and other women that think jewelry should be a part of every outfit. Even though I know that often great style is in the details and that fine jewelry can be a statement, sometimes I really like to keep it simple or I don’t find their place. I find myself in Alicia’s style here! Small and fine! 

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p style=”text-align:center;”>Muah!💋



Author: Dazed Muse

I always wanted to put my thoughts on paper, to have my own space and the arrival of my daughter managed to get the best out of me and give me the confidence needed to make myself heard. The fact that I graduated as a fashion stylist and fashion consultant gave me a big impulse, like this my Dazed Muse blog was born, and combining writing with my passions makes a strong statement about what you'll find here. Enjoy and feel free to contact me on any of the social media links displayed!

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