Get to know me better!

Good morning and thank you all!


   Since today I had the pleasure and the surprise to see that the number of followers increased significantly, I thought to write a short post and to turn a bit the things on me, myself and I.
    If you are one of my followers, you know already a few things about me but I’m going to make a fast review, maybe we have around some new friends.

   I bear the Archer sign, I’m the mother of a three old baby girl and I’m proud of it, I’m Romanian but living in Cyprus at the moment, I simply adore fall and winter seasons, I recently graduate as a fashion stylist and consultant and I’m not the person who smiles often, my face is just not made for that. 


  1. My nicknames: Mom, Mommy, Mom, Mom, Mamma, Baby Mou, Ale. 
  2. The first thing I do when I wake up is: Pick up my iPhone, snuggle a bit with my daughter if she’s awake and preparing her breakfast after, if not just going and drink my coffee while checking my emails, WP, and the social network.
  3.  I can’t live without: Family, Internet, Technology, Coffee and Travelling.
  4.  If I have to choose between Instagram and Facebook: Definitely Instagram.
  5.  My top three tv series: Grey’s anatomy, Suits, The Originals.
  6.  If I had one week to escape: I’d go to Paris.
  7.  My bad habit: Coca-Cola.
  8.  I have only one favorite singer which is: Michael Jackson.
  9.  Favorite foods: Sushi, Pepperoni pizza( with white sauce instead of tomato) and Chinese.
  10.  Everything tastes better with a little: Chili, I love spicy food.
  11.  If I have to choose between sea and mountain: I’d choose at any season the mountain.
  12.  I know since I was 8 years: To ski. 
  13.  My favorite animal:  Kangaroo.
  14.  I believe if you make a wish when you see a shooting star, will fulfill (my experience: I saw, I wished, it’s done)
  15.  I wish to see: Northern lights.
  16.  One place I wish to visit: Neverland valley ranch.

 Have a great Sunday, everyone! Muah!💋



Author: Dazed Muse

I always wanted to put my thoughts on paper, to have my own space and the arrival of my daughter managed to get the best out of me and give me the confidence needed to make myself heard. The fact that I graduated as a fashion stylist and fashion consultant gave me a big impulse, like this my Dazed Muse blog was born, and combining writing with my passions makes a strong statement about what you'll find here. Enjoy and feel free to contact me on any of the social media links displayed!

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