Pros and cons for Golden Ladies

                   As always in life, there are pros and cons, good or bad, and when it comes to clothing and outfits I just do not know if we could make a balance between people well dressed and the less well or badly dressed, but I want to I think and hope that good will overcome. 🙂

Golden Globes red carpet fashion necklines plunge south, metallics...

                    It is already known that the style is composed of many more criteria among which is an important branch clothing. When it comes to fashion style we talk clothes, accessories, how we choose, how we combine, how we wear and what we send.

                     It is true that it is not necessary for a person to be full of brands, sometimes with impossible prices, be well dressed or have an impeccable fashion style that turns heads. This can be done just as well with items that are more affordable or cheap if there really a pinch of style, taste, and even a little imagination.

                    But I wonder how many celebrities opt for cheap clothing items? Not so many I guess… plus the most of them have stylists who decide exactly what should be added or changed into an outfit to be perfect. Clothing worn by actors famous is chosen specifically for them, according to their silhouettes and the events in which they participate and now really, who can blame them with so many appearances and paparazzi every move, of course, they want to look always impeccable.

                   But even so, at the moment most women are crazy over fashion, whether celebrities or not. Do they also contribute in the outfits they wear?

                   If I was a super wow actress, I would be able to dress well myself and I did know something about current trends as well, if I had a fashion stylist that always dress me and would show some outfits or dresses which I don’t like or would seem ugly to me, I would definitely listen myself, do as I want and not wear it… But that’s me and not know how it works there. 🙂

                  Even if they are dressed in expensive designer brands and they have the best fashion stylists, do they always look good and never go wrong? I wanted to make a quick pass on the red carpet, where it took place two days ago, the 74th edition of the gala Golden Globes ceremony. After the Oscars and Grammys, the Golden Globes event is the perfect moment for Hollywood celebrities, to flaunt their shiny outfits and to leave us dazed on how well or badly were dressed. Now let’s see what we like and what not …


                I’ll start with the fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker because she totally blocked me and left me wondering what happened to her… Just a few days ago I saw on world fashion channel Parker’s style story through the years and to be honest, from my point of view she had some not very successful outfits many many years ago and this Vera Wang huge white dress it was too much for a figure so small.

               The material explosion drowned the actresses tiny silhouette and the complete look with braided crown, added a few extra years to the lady.

                                                That’s a con!

Golden Globes Here were the 8 worst dressed



                 Well, Natalie Portman had a stunning look by wearing the bright yellow with just a bit of embellishment dress by Prada. The Mom-To-Be sunshine look flattered her fair skin and the brown hair and with all together plus the choice Tiffany & Co jewelry she managed to give me the same view as always. Fine and gentle.

                                                     That’s a pro!

Golden Globes 2017 The Best Red Carpet Looks



                           I don’t know about you, but seeing  (like I was there, haha) Nina Dobrev at the InStyle after-party how radiates in this ruby red dress made me thinking that the former Vampire Diaries actress returned for the series last season. Glossy hair, red gown perfectly matched with a bold lip in the same hue, she’s Katherine Pierce and she looks amazing as always.

                                                   That’s a PRO!

Nicola Peltz Golden Globes 2017 Afterparties Fashion What the Stars...


                                  Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen looks like a fairy that I do not like and when I saw her it gave me the impression that each year and every event she has the same look and same dresses. Yes, sequins, glitter, ruffles and the cut out shoulder are all in right now but all together it’s way too much.

                                                      That’s a con!

Golden Globe Awards 2017 From Lily Collins to Emily Ratajkowski Every...



                           ″Can’t Stop the Feeling″ I like Jessica Biel from forever, I like her movies, I like her husband and I kinda like her look. It could be better but it’s ok and I think she’s on the most sites as worst dressed but the Elie Saab dress is fresh, with the right amount of embellishment, it’s modern and it’s different from what I’ve seen before.

                                                        That’s a PRO!

Golden Globes Arrivals



                                         Brie Larson in the strapless gorgeous red gown, with the perfect  Hollywood waves, eye makeup and red lips define a complete look. It is probably one of my favorites, I like the shade and the line of the dress, simple yet stunning.

                                           That’s a PRO!

Golden Globes Arrivals


                                         I seriously have no idea who Ruth Negga is, but I know that the Louis Vuitton metallic column dress, it’s perfection and when I see it my thoughts flies to Alicia Vikander and her famous fashion style. Hot metal indeed!

                                                  That’s a PRO!

The Night's Most Major Golden Globes Dresses


                              Blake Lively has been always a PRO. I don’t believe she has ever been on any list of worst dressed celebrities and I’m 100% sure she doesn’t think to surprise us like that anytime soon. She is an inspiration and a natural style icon and she proved once again that she knows how to work a red carpet by wearing the Atelier Versace gown with gold sequined detailing. She used the trick to emphasize the outfit with a splash of color in jewelry with the emerald green cuff bracelets.          

                                     Ladylike! That’s a PRO!

Nicole Kidman Golden Globes 2017 Red Carpet Fashion What the Stars...



                                    Something I don’t like at all. I don’t like anything about this whole look. The polka dot Armani Gown with the sequined top looks to me more like an 80’s party rather than red carpet event. It is likely the sandals to be nice and acceptable, but not with this dress that has a totally unpleasant effect on my eyes. I am DAZED!

                                           That’s a CON!

All the Looks From the 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet



                                   And last but not least, the princess to be Giuliana Rancic, which look absolutely stunning in the fantastically embellished gown by Rani Zakhem. The couture gown with the floral embroidered, the romantic mix of colors and the golden belt is to die for and normally I’m not into this princess shaped dresses, but this one transformed my eyes in heart shapes and dazed me in a good way. It’s all about that luxurious pops of color!

                                           That’s a PRO!

Golden Globe Awards 2017 Часть 1




That’s it for today golden peeps! Muah!










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