One of a kind CityWalk

    Hello everyone ! How’s everything going ??? 


                Yesterday I moved continuously… I mean, seriously, we walked so much that today I have muscle soreness… Go to the postal office to take one received package, go to the pet store to talk better with the owner about our new furry member diet and to check another bigger cage… since is a pretty happy bun and jumps around non-stop, we will definitely need that. Yes, we got a pretty little bunny and if you follow me for some time now, I guess you know that it was on my list, but this is another story for a future post. 🙂

                Going back to walking around the city, after all above, we went to the city centre to check few things about foto camera, to have lunch and to take a look at a store or two that actually was transformed into a kind of shopping session. That’s not a problem, I love shopping and I like walking, so, if we had a problem with that we would probably drive…

                But what is more pleasant than walking through the city on a sunny day, with family? Right… Of course, Mini Me didn’t miss the short trip and once again, I got to choose a casual relaxed outfit, I felt good in it and if it was necessary to run after the little lady, my outfit was framed perfectly. 


               Ah, I can’t wait to start kindergarten, to overcome a bit this casual thing…

               So, I chose a pair of high waist ripped jeans in a lighter shade, I love high-waisted items, I feel comfortable and gives me that slightly slender feeling. I paired them with a basic white tee and with a black sweater over. A leather jacket, boots and my beloved backpack.            

             That’s how it looks a basic and simple outfit to me for a walk with my baby.







ZARA | Basic T-shirt

P&B | Sweater

P&B | Jeans

DESIGUAL | Leather Jacket


PARFOIS | Backpack 

SUNGLASSES – Italy, Rapallo, local shop


Thanks for stopping by and see you next time! Muah! 💋


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