Tips to Make it Better


         That day when you wake up moodier than ever, surrounded by negative feelings or thoughts and your really are not in the mood for anything or anyone. We all have bad days and some of us have more bad days than others. This is life and it’s normal to be like that at least if the amount of both are equally or the good ones are winning. We all have bad days. Some of us have more bad days than others.

         Bad days? Why? 

        Maybe things are not going as you want anymore…

        Maybe we really want something and it takes much more time than we’ve expected and we start to fed up waiting or start losing our hope. 

       Or maybe… we are not pleased anymore with some things… like personal life, job, routine or ourselves.

       Maybe we realise what we actually like and want to do in our lives but it looks like maybe it’s too late…

      Maybe something really bad happened and today’s that day of breaking out all the anger…

     Or maybe things are not so serious like the above situations yet we just wake up with the not so shiny vibes… 

    That’s absolutely humanly and of course, we can’t be always only unicorns and rainbows but the mood can switch pretty fast, at least mine for sure 🙂

    The good thing is that there are plenty of ways to spend a bad day, to change it or to try to make it a better one… So if you wake up all grumpy and you don’t plan to finish your day frowning and thoughtful here are some ideas that might help you at least a bit.

    Take a break from everything, disconnect and make the day just yours! You can choose to stay at home with some peace and quiet and just forget the crazy thoughts by watching movies, reading a book that you’re interested in, listening some music, drinking some wine and making a hot bubble bath to relax. 

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     Accept that today might not be your day, but try to change it by:

    If you’re a movies fan, just like me, go to the cinema with your friends. Especially if you choose a good film those two hours spent to cinema will entertain you and make you forget your little problems at least for the moment. 

Cinema Screen

      Go for a spa experience and choose one that has a full-service spa facility. Everyone needs to be pampered once in a while and this might be the best option. Treat yourself, just relax and let the employees make your day, unplug from the real world as much as you can and you’ll feel much better.

Treat yourself to a spa day!

     Go shopping. Yes, what  is more  happy for us women than a pretty good shopping session. Refreshing wardrobe should keep you pretty busy giving you the ability to think elsewhere and once it is over, you’ll be tired, but you feel really good.

In Defense of Fast Fashion Why I'll Always Shop at H&M, Zara, and...

     Do something new. Maybe something you want for some time but you didn’t find the perfect day for it. This does not have to be a huge experience as skydiving, but at least change the groceries market and your normal route for today. You’ll see things different.

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        Do something for somebody. Choose to help a close person with something or even with an unknown person needs. Even giving food or donating some clothes that you don’t need anymore for someone that really needs, it’s just fine. Doing a good thing will definitely cheer you up and you’ll feel better and stronger. Small things can make big changes.

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      Buy or adopt a pet. If you love animals and do not owe a pet already, this could be a perfect day to do so. Not only will you stretch a smile on your face and your day will be brighter but you’ll have a new pet and a new friend, to make your days funnier from now on. 🙂 

Holiday decoration

                                                       Have a good one, guys! Muah!


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