Bright 8 March

              Hello, peeps! How’s everything?

             First, I would like to send a bright and warm Happy Women’s and Mothers Day to you all ladies! I really hope you had along with your special ones, a stunning day, coloured by lots of beautiful fresh flowers. 


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The little lady choosing some flowers…



             I woke up more serene and happy than ever… strange and unusual feeling to me, but I liked it. I remember perfectly that I was not so interested in this holiday … and I remember I gave my mother cards in which I wrote same words for several years in a row when I was little. 

             1st of March was more interesting as a child, though … when I was in primary school, the girls were doing race which receives more trinkets and flowers and especially if gets from the “dream boy”. March 8 was all about giving our special mothers, grandmothers and female teachers flowers and trinkets. Great years… nice memories… 🙂

            Well as I said, I woke up bright, with all rainbow and unicorns vibes and I was actually happy that It was this International Celebration more than ever. Perhaps as I get older, I become more serious and I begin to realize that I’m not that girl anymore, who in the past was not so touched by this event and now, since I’m already mother and I become slowly a woman, why not be happy and enjoy this special day that is just for me and the rest of the ladies, right? 


           Since I woke up thinking about flowers and it was a wonderful sunny day here, I thought to share with you, one part of my day.


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Hand in hand…


Breathing green…




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Decisions… decisions…



We’re done here…


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And so I chose some of my favourites flowers, namely daisies and Mini Me, chose an “It’s a boy” balloon…



       To be in tune with the beautiful and spring sunny day, I chose to wear a silk shirt with floral prints, which I combined with a pair of leather shorts in a light brown shade. 

       I opted for black fishnet tights and a pair of ankle boots to which I added instead of laces, black ribbons. I didn’t accessorise… first I didn’t think it was necessary and considering that I’m not such a big fan, especially for the day outfits… but of course I had sunglasses, which is a must always have accessory for me. I seriously do not leave the house without sunglasses and whenever I want to take some pictures in daylight, without them, I can barely see and I end up having an angry face in pictures.           Not so pleasant…



Coffee,  please!




And… some daughter x mother time… 




 No, I’m not brunette, I will not ever be and that’s why in the pictures, I’m wearing a wig. And if you had asked me a few years ago, if I would wear wigs, my answer would have been definitely a big NO, followed by several explanations. But things are changing and since I do not dye my hair for some time already and I intend to stick to my natural colour, these days, I find wigs a pretty good alternative for when I want a good contrast to my outfit, a change for a day or more or a new look.



Well, I’m pretty sure she was trying to reach that cactus…


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Happy Women’s Day, Ladies xxx





Outfit Details: 

ZARA | Shirt  

TOI&MOI  | Shorts

CALZEDONIA  | Fishnet Tights


OJO | Sunglasses


Keira’s Outfit:


BURBERRY |  Long Sleeve Top

H&M | Hat

ZARA | Shoes

PARFOIS KIDS | Sunglasses

PARFOIS | Mummy’s Tiny Backpack


Until next time! Muah!




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