From Granny’s Wardrobe

         Hey there readers! Hope you had a bright day so far! 

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           It might sound funny or ridiculous to some of you, but I started a challenge, which consists of wearing granny’s clothes. Not just the granny style with vintage clothes, but the real clothes of my grandmother, which I liked and of course I seized. 

          I have two granny’s who of course are absolute, totally and completely different especially when it comes to wardrobe. If one of them would ask ″where are you going dressed like that?″ the other would say  ″I like your jacket, saw it in ZARA″.

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          I chose the one who is from forever a real coquette lady, always loved to dress up and to look good, she loves shopping and knows how to pick the good quality. 

         Last time when I was in RO, I literally rushed in her dresser for whatever I liked, wanted, was able to adjust and be able to wear. From the dress worn by her to my parent’s wedding made from a pinkish pure old lace, lace and embroidered shirts or genuine cloth skirts, up to precious vintage jewels. Yummy!

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         But oh and what cool vintage pants she owns… Unfortunately, the pants would need too many changes to fit well my body and would spoil their charm and design… 

        Anyways, the point is that I decided to wear outfits consisting one piece or more from my grandma’s clothes combined with my clothes. It’s a challenge, let’s see how it works! 🙂

       That being said… today’s outfit is based on the oldie but goodie shirt, which I believe my grandmother had it for at least 15 years and is in an excellent condition. I wanted to keep it simple and leave the shirt ″speak and do the thing″ for my whole outfit, so I opted for straight cut jeans and a pair of boots. 

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Granny’s Wardrobe | Shirt

ZARA | Jeans

Topshop | Boots

Stradivarius | Sunglasses 


Until next time! Muah!




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