Thank You Note

           I did this once, in the beginning, when I only had a handful of articles written and I was pleased to see that few people are passing by and read them. This time it’s different, few people have become much more than I expected in these few months and remained the constant readers, followers and subscribers of my blog. 

          The publication of this blog is a big part of me, I am very happy with the way it scrolls through and to be honest I’ve never thought, that the people I’ve never even met or known in this big world, will appreciate my hidden and insecure voice. Much more unknown people than acquaintances or friends. It is unbelievable!

           Thank you to those that nominated me for some awards, they certainly lifted me up and kept me going and thank you all for sticking with me, giving me strength, confidence and the pleasure to continue writing. Not so many but I receive from time to time comments which do nothing more than encourage me (you know who you are – thank you).


Without you guys being around, this task, possibly wouldn’t have happened and continued! Thanks for the support! 🙂

Until next time, have a great Sunday! Muah!💋


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