Fun Factory The Perfect Place

         Hello, everyone!
         I start my week, writing this post, from the best place I’ve recently discovered and it’s exactly 3 houses distance far from our place. Awesome!


DSC01304 (2).JPG


      Since my 3 years old super happy, extra energetic and non-stop moving daughter doesn’t go to kindergarten yet and is around the house every single day, I’m absolutely happy to say that I found the perfect place for me and of course, for her, to spend some time. 

       The perfect win-win situation… me relaxing my brain in quiet and her doing what she like best.

Side note: Kindergarten is vital in my opinion first for my daughter education and interaction with other kids and then for me and my brain. Don’t judge me I didn’t send her kindergarten yet, I know she’s big and this and that but since we plan to change the town pretty soon, I thought to wait a little more to see how things are going. 🙂

 DSC01310 (2).JPG


            SoIt’s the perfect place for my daughter to spend her energy, enjoy a wonderful day playing, running and having fun with many other kids. The place name is Fun Factory and is probably the only indoor playground in Larnaca.

           The place itself is clean, big and spacious, surrounded by plenty of interesting toys and multitasks games, lots of drawing activities, a ball pool, a big trampoline, climbing structures and with many play areas for different ages. 



DSC01320 (2).JPG

DSC01337 (2).JPG


       The best part is the kid’s safety, which comes with the all over ground floor sponge mats, bouncy castles and slides being the inflatable ones, plus, the employees looking after the children. There are doors with a button needed to be pressed to go in or out which can’t be reached by the kids. So safety again…

       There are clean toilets for adults and mini toilets and sinks especially for kids, so, my daughter, the single moment when she comes out to reach me is when she need to go. 

       With indoor plenty of tables for rainy or windy days and a big terrace outside for bright and sunny days, far from the inside noise, with no worries for kids, I find this place best for me drinking one or more cups of coffee and doing my work on laptop, while she’s free and wild having fun.

DSC01341 (2).JPG

DSC01345 (2).JPG

DSC01351 (2).JPG


  And, finally… to leave the playground quietly, without a heartbreaking cry, after 3 full hours of constant fun, there are many options, for treats that keep my daughter busy chewing… until home. 🙂

DSC01365 (2).JPG

DSC01359 (2).JPG

Indeed busy and quiet! 🙂


Until next time! Muah!




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