Hoodie The Go-To Garment From Men’s Section

        Hello there everyone! How are things going? Ladies, have you ever worn your lover or husband hoodie, to have that real oversized look and to see how way warmer and nicer it feels, than every other existent hoodie??? 

       Well, I borrowed one, for today’s outfit… and I’m still thinking if I’ll keep it or not! 🙂

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Hmm… to keep it or give it back…


       If there is one clothing item from men’s section that we can buy for ourselves that’s definitely the hoodie. Ok… and probably some tees and shirts as well. Men’s clothing is much more comfortable and a classic white oversized shirt, tucked into a good pair of skinny jeans or pants, will always look great.

      Men’s clothes are much roomier and are the best options to get the real oversized and comfy look. To be honest for today’s outfit, I tried first, my own hoodie, which is an XL size while I am wearing an S size, but, it was still not enough and didn’t look like I wanted.



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      So, I just borrowed my fiance hoodie and finished my outfit nicely. It might be a bit too big for me, but it gave me exactly what I wanted, meaning the urban messy in #mystyle look. 

     I felt so comfortable in it and it was so easy, once the weather changed a bit after the sunset and it got a bit chilly, just to wrap myself in that warm and spacious hoodie. 

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     Starting with the idea of an oversized sweatshirt/hoodie in my outfit … I chose a long t-shirt, I wore a pair of short black jeans, just in case I lean too much after my daughter… red fishnet tights and army inspired black boots.


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Outfit Details:

 Antony Morato | Hoodie 

P&B | Shorts 

Celestino | Hat

Calzedonia |Fishnet Tights, Socks

Parfois | Backpack

OJO | Sunglasses

Italy, Naples, Local Shop | Tee

Until next time! Muah!


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