Ayia Napa Babe

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                Hey, everyone!

               Today I want to show you a bit from probably the most fun, organised and good looking town from Cyprus. I’ve been there only one time before, 5 years ago, when my favourite Dj James Zabiela came to shake a beach club from its grounds. Back then, it was night time and I went especially for the party, so, I didn’t have the chance to see pretty much anything.

                This time, we went for a short trip, during the day and I can say that l left from there with a pretty good impression. I think is the best place to spend the summer holiday in Cy. 

               Once we entered, I directly remembered the seaside from Romania, with all the souvenir shops in line, plenty of hotels, surrounded by bars and clubs and of course the hot ladies, already tanned in theirs stylish bathing suits. CRAZY!

              Called Ayia Napa, the Mediterranean resort town, on the south-east coast of Cyprus, it’s best known for its Blue Flag awarded beaches, for the clear water in all shades of blue and turquoise, for the finest white-sand, for its wide variety of styles of restaurants and of course, for its huge selection of bars and nightclubs, hosting crazy good parties during the summer, including the foam, paint and beach parties, plus, plenty of events. 

             The first stop was at Nissi beach, which rightly comes first on the list of best beaches in Cyprus.

            The name came exactly from the small islet, that is situated right in front of the beach and which can be reached by walking through the shallow water.

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              The ideal for a beach holiday, with its crystal clear turquoise water, the fine white sand and pretty good organisation. The beach is gently sloping, surrounded by cafes and bars, well-equipped with everything needed, with water sports full equipment, fenced areas for beach games and ensure lots of beach competitions and themed parties. 

             There even is a dinosaur land exhibition, near to Nissi Beach, which is another great tourist attraction, with different species of robotic dinosaurs in actual size and shapes to see. We didn’t get there though… maybe next time. 



        While my daughter slept quietly in the car, I had time to make some pictures on the beach and shortly after, we headed to a ride in the centre of the town and even though the season didn’t start just yet, most of the bars, restaurants and shops were opened. 

       There are so many great places to eat, to suit all budgets and tastes and after walking down the main street, inevitably a smile was litter on our faces because of some of the restaurants unique and fun designs, especially the Bedrock Cafe, place to which I could not pass without doing a picture or two… or more.


            After all the walk through downtown, we stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe, we spent some time there and once it was dark, we headed towards the car, stopping from time to time in any shop that winked us. Oh, what designers bags and clothes I saw there… I guess it’s a great place for shopping as well, a thing I didn’t know until now.


         It’s a great place for families with children, I know we didn’t saw all of it and I really hope that at least a part of this summer holiday we’ll spend it there. 

        I mean… it’s like 40 minutes far away from where we live, so, we’ll do. 🙂

Until next time! Muah!


2 thoughts on “Ayia Napa Babe

  1. you live 40 mins from Ayia Napa? that’s so lucky 😀 I was there last week & had a great time by the beach & in town.
    Is that little kid your daughter? She looks like a smart girl!

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