The Top Seven Swim Trends

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                    Hello everyone, I stayed a bit and think that even if spring has not yet sprung in all parts of the world and there is no any sign of the hot summer season anytime soon, it doesn’t mean that we can’t think about what bathing suit we’ll get to wear this year. 

                   I do not think there is any wardrobe in which there is not at least a swimsuit and behold that, even for the swimwear, every year there are new trends. The hot swimsuit piece should be approached like any other item in our wardrobes, firstly and most important to fit the type of silhouette and the personal style. 

                 Why’s that? Certainly, for our confidence! 

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                While swimsuit is just a small piece, covering very little of our body throughout the entire summer season, of course, we have to choose first what’s comfortable, second, the right fit to shape the body to perfection with the perfect support and certainly something that we really like. The important thing is how comfortable you are with your body and to feel good and beautiful while conquering those refreshing waves and showing it in all its splendour.

              Is not a secret that out there, is a big swimwear world, with a huge wide variety to fit each and one of us and as well as clothes, every year come out plenty of swimsuits trends.Where it would be best, to take a look for summer inspiration, if not at Miami’s Swim Week some of the best looks?

            Take a look and get ready for this summer!

            Oneshoulder neckline

           As the dresses, shirts or the tops with one or both shoulders revealed are a huge must have this spring and summer… this trend goes further and hit the swimwear category as well. 

          Well, the asymmetric cuts are not just for dresses, that’s for sure, and this year we have the option, to go for the one shoulder wrap style swimsuit, in various designs, in a single piece or even two.

Emilio Pucci One Shoulder Bikini

Stella McCartney One-shoulder neoprene and mesh bikini

Jade Swim Apex one-shoulder swimsuit


       Cut Out Swimsuit

      Although it is not the best option, especially at the beginning of the summer, when we have that first sun to skin touch, because, for sure it does not provide the most uniform and accurate tan, the swimsuits with large cutouts, especially on the sides, are a big trend this summer and once we tanned enough, we’ll have a ravishing look.

Adriana Degreas Bonsai Green Ginkgo Swimsuit

 Adriana Degreas panelled swimsuit

Flagpole Swim Lynn cutout swimsuit

          High Waist Bottoms

         Well, this is not a surprise, given that this classy and sexy style has been around for a few seasons now and I can easily say that are among my favourites. I mean… I definitely love everything high waisted.

        While the pin-up suit in some peeps vision is more like a beach diaper… I still find this swimwear style flattering and a great option to enhance the curves, looking stylish on the beach. 

Stella McCartney Vintage Floral crochet-trimmed printed bandeau bikini

Stella McCartney Embroidered bikini

ZIMMERMANN Winsome Posy Bikini

         Super Printed

         Great prints for a great summer including straps, geometric, floral, tropical or animal prints are a big thing for this summer and if you choose one or two pieces swimsuit it definitely makes a statement.

Mara Hoffman Leaf-print twist-front swimsuit

Tory Burch Bay Off-the-Shoulder Swimsuit

Tory Burch Garden Party printed underwired swimsuit

        Lace Up Swimwear

        The straps are huge these days and if there is a type of bathing suit that I laid eyes already and I want it, this is it. Still thinking what to choose between a single piece or two, but, whether you choose a swimwear with cut-out sides and lace-up detail, with laced neckline or with both together combined, one thing is sure, this is the sexy and stylish way to get sun kissed this summer.

Norma Kamali Lattice-paneled halterneck swimsuit

     Norma Kamali X'S Striped One Shoulder Mio Swimsuit

Miss Selfridge Black V Front Lattice Body

          In Nude

          If you just want to be quieter, the classic bodysuit style is trending right now as well and among all those solid bright shades or lighter neon colours, that are trending right now, the neutrality takes its place once again.

        Nude swimwear is definitely stylish and sexy and will give you a fine look once you’ll be worn it over your perfect gold-bronzeish tan.

Jade Swim Halterneck swimsuit

Eres Les Essentiels Asia swimsuit

Haight open back swimsuit

            GO, Ruffles!

           If you want to stick to white, or to one solid colour, yet, focusing only on one detail, whether you go for a one piece swimsuit or for duo bikinis, ruffles are your go to. The trend itself is all over the clothes and even shoes and it seems that this summer, the swimwear category is not outdone. 

         The ruffles are having a major moment in the fashion world right now and are a hot item to have for sure!

                 Lisa Marie Fernandez Arden ruffled one-shoulder bonded swimsuit

Adriana Degreas ruffled swimsuit

Adriana Degreas ruffled swimsuit

Lisa Marie Fernandez Arden Double Ruffle one-shoulder bonded bikini

Until next time! Muah!


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