Casual Denim Spring Outfit


             Hey, guys! 

             In my last posts featuring trend reports, the denim is the one that is constantly present, whether if I talked about one pair of good jeans, a jacket, shirt or even accessories patched with a bit of the classic denim texture.

            We all know that denim is on top of what’s trending for spring/summer 2017 and we know that wearing denim with denim, it was not the best and happy option, until some time now.

           As we are accustomed to the fashion being in a continuous movement, to propose the most unexpected combinations or unseen patterns or pieces, and to change from one season to another, behold that, now, the combo of wearing denim with denim is the total go for, highly approved and sustained.

         And what casual look is better for a mother who has the long city walks and children’s parks in her daily schedule, if not an outfit based on the classic and relaxed denim???

          Today, I’m wearing the denim jacket that I know from forever, I have no idea from where it came from, hated it when I was little and has the same age as me or even more, so call it vintage.

          It’s a jacket made of very good and strong denim in a very good condition, and if back then, when I was little I hated it, now I simply love it. 

          I combined it with a pair of high-waisted ″MOM″ jeans, in a pretty similar shade as the jacket, black and white striped t-shirt with small ruffles details on the chest and a pair of nude sneakers with bow detail.

      Along with sunglasses that never miss, I added to my outfit just a small light gold tone backpack and a watch and tadaaa, my casual denim outfit was ready and perfect for a walk in the city or even for a  short break on the beach! 



Outfit Details: 

ZARA | T-shirt

ZARA | Jeans

ZARA | Sneakers

Casio | Watch

Parfois | Backpack

Vintage Denim Jacket

Sunglasses – Italy, Rapallo local shop


Until next time! Muah!


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