In and Out: Fashion Trends to Follow

                     Hey, guys!

                    Every fashion trend has its time and as we are accustomed to fashion that is in a continuous movement and proposes a lot of fashion trends for every season of the year through stunning fashion shows, it is no longer a secret that once some new ones appear, others disappear.


                  In fact, they do not completely disappear since of course, trends are subjective, therefore, everyone is free to wear whatever likes and wants, and especially because they are still found in most clothing stores… but somehow they are no longer so interesting and top trendings, so, they are replaced by fresh new trends in vogue…

                I get that… if they stuck around, they wouldn’t be trends…

               It’s probably very difficult to separate your clothes, but we all know that the major trends, that have made waves in the fashion world eventually will come back, so keep what you like the most and what you’re going to wear even if is no longer considered trend. Keep them, wear them, mix with new trending items, it’s nothing wrong about it, that’s your defined style. 

           I take the new fashion trends as a bit of reorganising and since it’s never a bad idea to refresh our wardrobes, here are some of the biggest in’s and out’s fashion trends for 2017:

IN: Stripes

On the premise “They come and go, but some trends are maybe here to stay”, it’s not like the stripes barely made it a new big introduction to the fashion world. The trend is IN for few seasons constantly already and will continue to go forward. 

Shop the Street Style Look Blue Stripes and Grommeted Pants in Paris
OUT: Skinny Jeans
The flattering silhouette item, with its perfect fit, which was huge in the recent seasons, is easily replaced in these days with a rather classic style and the best fit to wear right now is a high-rise straight leg, finishing just above the ankle. 
black distressed skinny jeans
IN: Athletic-Inspired Pieces
The huge modern update from the usual sporty clothes to sexy designed pieces and coloured tracksuits, the athletic-inspired clothes are the ones that shout out easy elegance and provide attitude, confidence, and sexiness at the same time.
Wear the Trend Athleisure



This flirty playful trend had a huge moment last year and not only and fringes was all over clothing items from maxi skirts, leather jackets and even boots or handbags alike. They certainly had their time of glory but not this year, while, the trim detail, it’s highly replaced with all sorts of playful frills and ruffles.

Major Spring Trend 2015 FRINGE Fashion Tag Blog
YAY to that! Feminine lace and sporty mesh can make your street style a bit unexpected and modern with a hint of sophisticated and playful at once if you dare. 
Splurge Heidi Klum’s New York City Elizabeth and James Embroidered...
The sneakers are very popular due to their comfort and versatility, and while the classic white ones are going straight on the list of past trends, the embellished ones, with satin updates or all sort of details attached are on the go-to list this year.
This Is Exactly How Street Style Stars Pull Off the Dress and Sneakers...
If there is one huge trend this year when it comes to shoes… that definitely are the mule shoes. In all fabrications and colours flat mules, low block-heel mules, heeled mules, sneaker mules, espadrille mules, loafer mules, seriously all kinds of mules are seen in all clothing stores these days and they seem to me the perfect and stylish shoes for spring and summer.
What To Wear With Mules

 Olivia Culpo's Insanely Cool Mules are 40% Off
Until next time! Muah!

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