Celebrity Style File: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo Loves Her...Gerard Darel ‘Woodstock’ 24 Hour Bag - Red...

         Hey there everyone! How’re things going? 

         Need some style inspiration? 

        Where to get the best source of inspiration, if not from the most famous models or the best-dressed celebrities, right?

        From now on, once a week, the small heading Style File will be right here, featuring the most famous ones and their style and looks. 

      Today is all about Olivia Palermo, the ultimate girl crush, with her eye-catching effortlessly chic style! The fashion it girl is a perfect inspiration and I really don’t think there’s an outfit worn by her that I do not like.

     So stylish and fresh, she looks stunning every single time, even if she participates in Fashion Week or on a casual day, shopping around New York City. Her looks are always polished, whether she’s wearing a mix of designer pieces or high street finds like ZARA or Topshop, and I like the most that she chooses everytime a statement piece in her outfits, combines several current trends in one outfit and she’s definitely not afraid to add some bright primary hues for a bold result. 

     Let’s see now, some of the best looks of the famous trendsetter, which countless times successfully proved her great sense of style and that even a casual outfit, based on a pair of distressed jeans, simple button-down shirt and a pair of booties is easy to glam up!

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 Until next time! Muah!

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