Celebrating A Milestone By Thanking You



                         Hello everyone and welcome back!

                         Normally I keep Wednesdays for myself, scheduling following posts, taking pictures for the blog and so on. 



                        But since yesterday evening, during my last blog visit, I had the honour of hitting the 200 followers milestone, I had to celebrate it with a thank you post for you all and I quickly got to write it. 

                       This is my third time when I’m coming back with a thank you post for my readers, my fellow WP bloggers and not only. 

                      Even though I’m far from considering my blog big, far from my wished daily views or blog followers, seeing that last month it was my blog best month so far and that I have visitors from all over the world, it was something absolutely impressive and looks incredible to me.



                       In the last 11 months since I wrote my very first post ( which by the way, I really need to update, because back then, I really had no idea on what I was doing, saying, writing) I have grown as a blogger, follower of other amazing blogs and as a person. The numbers in my stats are constantly growing, my followers and views as well and this thing can’t make me only happy, proud, confident and thankful. 

                       In the past 11 months since I first published my blog, I discovered myself more, I discovered what I really like to do, I learned how to make better pictures, to have a bright and clean feed for blog and Instagram, which it’s a pretty powerful thing in this field, I’ve been nominated for some WordPress awards by some amazing bloggers, a thing I did not even think of, and most important, I have joined an amazingly supportive blogging community with amazing fellows from all over the world. 

                       I still consider myself at the beginning of this road, I’m still learning new things about the blogging community, I’ve started to know my readers and my blog visitors better and better, with every post I write I realise what I can and that I want more and more each time. I want to be better at and I will be!


                   Thanks to all of you, this wonderful journey turned out to be a lasting one and not just a passing fad. Without you all, I would not have been so confident and would have had no power, pleasure and reason to continue. 


                 Thanks for sticking with Dazed Muse! I highly appreciate!


Until next time! Muah!


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