Skinny Girls Problems

                      Long legs...short skirts...


                     Hey there everyone! How are you guys doing?



                       I’ve made a lot of blog posts with fashion trends or lists of what I’d like to have or what I’m going to buy… 

                     Strange, but in none of these posts I didn’t say anything about some trousers a la Michael Jackson’s as I like to say, that I really crave for some time now and which I finally found yesterday on a tour through Zara.  What a great happiness when I saw them but what a great disappointment when I left the store without. 


Image 6 of TROUSERS WITH SIDE BAND from Zara
This is what I’m talking about…


                 Why disappointed? 

                 Well, like any other person at shopping, I have chosen the sizes I usually wear and giggling proudly, on how cool I’m going to be in my new beloved pants, I headed to the fitting room. These tapered peg leg trousers should have a relaxed fit but on me, even the XS size was baggy with an unsightly effect. 

                And because I do not really attend tailoring to adjust my clothes just in urgent or special situations, I got pissed and went to eat a burger … maybe I’ll have better luck next time. Joking with the luck… not with the burger though… 


              That’s where my idea came from for my today’s post… a bit different than what I normally post here, but damn… we should be able to write whatever we feel, whenever we want.


              I have not been a thin person since forever and I really remember that during teenage years and some after that, I was voluptuous and I had some serious fluctuations in weight but once I gave birth to my daughter, the pounds quickly melted and I reached a weight, long desired, with which I feel best. Nowadays lots of girls want slender silhouettes, to wear the smallest sizes, fat shaming and body criticism are everywhere, for some people the models are considered the ideal women’s and weight is a truly sensitive and very discussed topic. 


            Because absolutely everything in life has pros and cons, apart from the fact that you can not buy your desired favourite pants because the smallest size is too big for you… here are some more skinny girl problems.

Nothing to be proud of. When you go through a life changing event like death and you're physically sick to the stomach and repulsed to the point of throwing up by the smell & sight of food. Only then can you can judge. We all deal with situations and grief differently. For some of us we can't eat. For me it was months with eating nothing but fruit. Even then I forced it down. No I don't have an eating disorder.


The wind pushing you around like a piece of paper.

It’s a very hard job to find some rings and bracelets that won’t fall off.

The constant need of making some new holes in those newly bought belts.

People constantly asking if you’re OK.

Being told that your bone it’s poking.

The ”NO sexy bottom” issue.

Sitting on uncushioned chairs hurts.

Finding clothes that fit can be hard.

People looking at you like you’re unhealthy.

Hearing the ”you should have a burger” mean joke. 

Having people tell you to eat something all the time.

Skinny shaming critics.

Not having the curves to fill out some fashionable clothes.

Feeling cold, most of the time, unless it’s mid-summer and at high temperatures, but even then after an iced coffee, the cold feeling makes its presence felt.


 Photos via Pinterest  

Until next time! Muah!


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