What About FSJ Shoes?


                    Hey, you guys! Today I’m back with something quite new to me, such as my very first post in collaboration with www.fsjshoes.com and I am beyond excited about it.


                    We all know that shoes occupy a top place in fashion, in our wardrobes and especially in our outfits. I mean… our outfits are not completely done until we add them and apart from their function, a well-chosen pair of shoes can make a personal statement so, it’s nothing exaggerated to think to them as the cherry on top. 

                     Many people go on the premise ”feet first”. What does this mean?
                    Simple … shoes are the most important piece in their wardrobe, they prefer to buy expensive shoes over expensive clothes and probably when they build an outfit, first they choose the shoes and then they go further from there. Buying expensive shoes is an investment and I believe that once you are dressed in a quite simple outfit, by choosing a good pair of quality shoes that look spectacular, the entire outfit will change because yes, shoes have that kind of power…  Not everyone fancy to pay too much or can afford to pay a fortune on shoes and these days, there are many stores that offer various styles of pretty good shoes and at affordable prices.


                    Me for example, when I want, need or just crave a brand new pair of shoes first stop I’ll make it’s at Topshop and then Zara, Bagatt, Migato, Stradivarius and so on…


                   To be honest, I have never been a huge fan of online shopping because I hate waiting and when I want something, I want it in that very moment, but it is very possible to deal with this lack of patience from now on, thanks to online shops that I daily discover, with plenty of worth buying products.


                  And today it’s all about www.fsjshoes.com, probably my next stop since I only read good reviews. The FSJ company is aiming to women’s fashion shoes, with unique features of their brand and their handmade and in all styles and sizes shoes, are always synchronised with current trends in the fashion world. On their site, which catches you fast and makes you want to take a look at every single pair of shoes available, is found a wide variety of fashionable styles at very affordable prices – two things we all like and we all seek for, right?


                  Besides being a super organised site, with a special column of all types of existing shoes – to make our search easier, as the cherry on the top – because I really like this phrase today – comes forward without being unseen the category of custom shoes. Yeah, pretty amazing right? FSJ Shoes has a customization service and let‘s be honest now, how wouldn’t want their unique, personalised pair of shoes? 


                That being said, I will show you guys some shoes that I liked on their site and fell free to check now www.fsjshoes.com for more!



Pink Block Heel Sandals Suede Strappy Heels




Black Chunky Heel Patent Leather Ankle Booties




Blue Suede Vintage Pointed Flats



Flowering Ankle Strap Wedge Shoes





Until next time! Muah!


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