Outfit Of The Week: Guns N’ Roses T-shirt & Platform Leopard Sneakers

                           Hey, guys! Since I haven’t written these days any post featuring an outfit, I thought it would be best if I wrap the week with one.




                     It was one of the past days when I saw an extra long belt in Stradivarius, I fell in love, it was the last one and I took it right away. I liked it so much because it’s so long and it gives me the chance to wear it in many ways, especially how I had in my mind for the outfit from today’s post. Right, starting from this belt I made my outfit, nothing special, a casual outfit, super comfortable and perfect for a day in the city…



                   The skirt? Do you remember my ” From Granny’s Wardrobe” posts? For those who are new around here and they don’t know what is ” From Granny’s Wardrobe” about – I’ve challenged myself a few months ago, to wear outfits that contained one or more clothing items, from my grandmother wardrobe. She has always been a chic lady, with on point outfits and with a thing for shopping and clothes so, I have confiscated from her closet what I liked and what I thought I could do something with…

                  Well, this skirt is another piece seized from her closet, but back then it was a maxi skirt that was eventually cut and made to my measure. I worn the extra long belt wrapped twice around my waist, I added a short sleeve Guns N’ Roses t-shirt, that I absolutely love because of its dusty pink hue, and even if I had another idea of shoes in my mind, I chose at the last moment my platform leopard sneakers and voilà, ready to go!


                 Here is how it looks!



Until next time! Muah!

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