Simply Me – Being comfortable and looking good at the same time

Yeah… that’s how I’ve started my day!

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Hot Trend Outerwear

You know how the Snowflake flower blooms from under the snow at the end of winter and early spring? 

Well, it seems like I do kinda the same.

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Thinking Cooler

I can’t wait to wear a trench coat, a puffer, a blazer, a bomber … a somethhhiinngg, and of course I made my list already with some coats I absolutely love. Continue reading “Thinking Cooler”

Best Looks For Work

Two months ago, when I started my new job, the first thing I was really excited about was the fact that I could wear whatever I wanted.
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Black And White – Always Right

While for my Insta feed, I’m focusing somehow on shades of blue and when it comes to my wardrobe, I’m constantly trying adding and bringing new colours in it, here I am, with one more post on Black and White.

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City Walker | OOTD

I’m a keeper! I am that kind of person who keeps everything well, in great condition when it comes to clothes and especially to shoes. 

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