Skinny Coffee Club Babe

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What Have I Done?

Well, I mostly stayed in bed and nothing else much… #mess

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Emotionally Spoken / Going On The Good Road / Fall In Bucharest


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                        Oh, you guys, I’ve missed this place so so much but one thing is clear now, I’m back with full power and I really don’t plan to take any more breaks anytime soon. It was quite a surprise to me, seeing that even though I didn’t write lately anything, I had daily visitors on the blog, new followers and posts appreciations.

                       So, THANK YOU ALL for that !!!

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10 Reasons Why Fall Is Absolutely The Best Season Of Them All

Here's to Octobers, Young Divorcees, New Beginnings, and Being Stronger Than You Ever Knew Possible.


                                 Since I started this blogging adventure more exactly a year ago, I have pointed out so many times that fall is my favourite season, but without too many explanations given. Continue reading “10 Reasons Why Fall Is Absolutely The Best Season Of Them All”

Let’s Get Deeper / About Myself


                  Some time ago when I was constantly nominated for some WordPress awards, I was first and foremost grateful that someone liked my blog so much to nominate it, and second I was so excited to answer all the questions and write some facts about me…                                

                Probably that was my favourite part of it. 

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