Short and fast morning view post…

      Today on my way to the supermarket Continue reading “Short and fast morning view post…”


Some quality time with family…


I had 2 options for October 7th. It was my daughter’s birthday, she turned 3 years and like every year we had to do something. I’m a big fan of movies and going to the cinema. Last time I’ve been to the cinema it’s when I was pregnant… That’s so long ago ! I did a little research and I’ve read few reviews about toddlers and cinema and around the age of 3 should be ok and fun. Continue reading “Some quality time with family…”

She is going to be big one day…

    I have a fairly long journey to do before I get to fulfill my mission. I know my mistakes over the years, I know now what to do or not to, I know what I’ll need to teach her or what to defend her from. I’m sure one day she is going to be big and in  that day I will be proud and I’ll feel complete !      How do I know that ? Continue reading “She is going to be big one day…”

Ready or not ?

    In my opinion, kindergarten is 100% necessary, is educational, beneficial in child development. At some private kindergartens in Cyprus, are welcome even 3 months old babies which do not seem just ok, I’m sure I would not give the baby to kindergarten so early. The first year of life goes too fast and I would not miss for anything baby smell and those wonderful moments spent in that period. But when the child is ready for this step?
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Guess who’s talking now…


  I woke up today morning and for one hour, I tried to wake up my mom. I tickled her ears, that’s a tick I have, she doesn’t like but I’m still doing it. Continue reading “Guess who’s talking now…”