Fashion Finds: June List


                            Hey there everyone! How’re things going?

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Black & White, It’s Always A Good Idea


                               You remember when I said a few days ago in my ″Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials For Summer″ post, that we are not so stable right now and that every single time when we move, I have to carry lots and lots of clothes and shoes, which started to be really tiring?

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Celebrating A Milestone By Thanking You



                         Hello everyone and welcome back!

                         Normally I keep Wednesdays for myself, scheduling following posts, taking pictures for the blog and so on. 

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Celebrity Style File: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


                         Hello everyone and welcome back to my fast post of inspiration, coming from the best-dressed celebs, in my weekly Celebrity Style File.

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Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials For Summer



                          Hey there everyone, as we all know already, a lot of new trends for the current and future seasons are revealed, influenced and constantly presented during the great fashion shows. 

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Must Have Espadrilles All Summer



                            I remember that on my list of shoes that I did not like and would not have bought a few years ago, there were espadrilles and all that meant shoes with the sole made of cork or jute rope.  I did not like even the name at that time… espadrilles…

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Good Reasons To Be Into Neutral Creamy Hues


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                       In countless ways and every time when I wrote posts featuring colour trends, I pointed out that I am a great fan of neutral colours. 

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