Relax, Refresh, Recharge!


                        Geez, what a day!
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Let’s get social!


Hello, everyone!!! The friends and followers number growing day by day, it gives me nothing but joy, confidence and strength to continue to write here and I thank you very much for this! At the same time, with this little thanks note for you guys, I would like to say that I made my blog Facebook page and if you want to get closer and support me on there how you do it here, you can hit like and follow, right here!

Thanks a bunch and you all have a great weekend! Muah!


Colours Of Spring #khaki Finds!

Gucci 2017 Spring / Summer Campaign

                        The fashion runways showed a vivid rainbow due to the bright colours that are in trend now and greets the new season. Bringing a mixture of vitality during the flowering season, which comes upon us, we’ll see a lot of colours of nature and this gives me nothing but pleasure and a relaxing mood. 
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Not everything is likable #intrends


                   I talked new trends, clothes and colours that come in the same time with the new season, in my case sooner than I thought, but all these are wearable, decent, liked and accepted by most of the women these days.  Continue reading “Not everything is likable #intrends”

Pros and cons for Golden Ladies

                   As always in life, there are pros and cons, good or bad, and when it comes to clothing and outfits I just do not know if we could make a balance between people well dressed and the less well or badly dressed, but I want to I think and hope that good will overcome. 🙂

Golden Globes red carpet fashion necklines plunge south, metallics...

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Oh, winter where have you gone? Spring/Summer 2017 to be! #part2

   Embed from Getty Images

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