Dresses of the day !


    Hello everyone, I hope you all are great !

    Since is the most beautiful period of the year and it’s already December the month that surrounds us all with the important festive celebrations, today I really want to talk about dresses. Dresses can easily be worn during winter holidays and not only. I really found some precious ones ! They are special and glamorous and I’m pretty sure that every woman would like to own.   Continue reading “Dresses of the day !”


Visiting Italy’s most famous natural disaster !

    That moment when I take a look at my pictures and I want to #throwback on my Instagram but I can’t decide which one I like the most because in that certain day and place I made to many good ones ! What to do? What to do? 

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My thing of the day #denim

      It’s no secret that I am a mother, that most times I choose to be dressed comfortably and I opt for casual. Now really how should I dress to go grocery stores or in the park, given that running after my baby is my top task ? 


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Let’s talk about fit and a flattering statement piece, shall we ?

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