Is it crazy that I wish I had lived back then..?

 This year I traveled a lot…Cyprus, Romania, Italy again Romania and eventually I will go back in Cyprus after 2 months. Continue reading “Is it crazy that I wish I had lived back then..?”

One day

 pexels-photo-168927-large  Yes, I’m a mother, still unmarried, buuhuu (do not judge) but someday we will, someday not over very long time hopefully, although I already know what I want, something small, relaxed, fresh and pretty special. Continue reading “One day”

The little story…

                                          pexels-photo-54283-large Well, hello, I thought the idea to start the blog for some time and I think I just started…I’m not gonna speak about my past, it’s really dark and twisty there, therefore I will stick to actual time. Continue reading “The little story…”