Big time moving.. again and again !


     I left Ro once again and I came back to Cy. Before entering in the airport and my mom to slowly disappear unseen by my daughter, I smoked one cigarette outside with her. I was freezing, literally shaking but I liked it. I will miss. SO MUCH !

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And all combined would be magical, right?

    gems-1405998_960_720  As a mother, you wish the best for your child. I know that now more than ever. It’s funny, nice and I like how my mom every time I come home has this present for me. THE HEALING BRACELETS…  Continue reading “And all combined would be magical, right?”

What’s changed? How did this helped?


      I finished the courses. How did this help me?
     Well first now I have a recognized diploma as a fashion stylist and fashion consultant.
     It can help me to build my own personal customers circle, I can start working for a certain fashion magazine, definitely will help me  with my dream shop and I’ll know what to bring in and what to sell. Continue reading “What’s changed? How did this helped?”

How to wear a skirt?

Today’s outfit idea from head to toe! I’m in love with every single piece I chose for this look and all together make a powerful look, in my opinion. I would definitely wear this ! These colors are my colors !

Power look

Sometimes I dream about future events…now let’s make this happen !


Ok, so I definitely know what I want now and more important is that I know how I want it to be !

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