Woke up little spicy… just sayin’


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Fall to do list !

     Since the lovely season is finally here, I’ve done a bucket list of fun and unique activities that will make this fall the best one. Fall flies fast so let’s take advantage of the crisp weather and colors that give us.

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Some quality time with family…


I had 2 options for October 7th. It was my daughter’s birthday, she turned 3 years and like every year we had to do something. I’m a big fan of movies and going to the cinema. Last time I’ve been to the cinema it’s when I was pregnant… That’s so long ago ! I did a little research and I’ve read few reviews about toddlers and cinema and around the age of 3 should be ok and fun. Continue reading “Some quality time with family…”

Wear it right !

stylist_runway_by_tinatanguyen-d30xawl    Indeed ! We buy clothes and we combine them as we like and wear anyway we want. Everyone has its own style or at least everyone should have. Not just the obvious messages transmit a story about us, but the gestures we make, the way we talk and even the clothes we wear.  Continue reading “Wear it right !”

She is going to be big one day…

    I have a fairly long journey to do before I get to fulfill my mission. I know my mistakes over the years, I know now what to do or not to, I know what I’ll need to teach her or what to defend her from. I’m sure one day she is going to be big and in  that day I will be proud and I’ll feel complete !      How do I know that ? Continue reading “She is going to be big one day…”

What awaits me ?


    After five months in my country where now is real autumn and proper weather for October what I like most, today I bought tickets that will take me back to sunny Cyprus with 32 degrees. I want to cry right now ! I want jackets and boots no shorts and sandals !
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