Ways To Wear The Plain White Tee

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What is in our wardrobes an essential piece, as necessary as a good pair of jeans?

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Fashion Finds: June List


                            Hey there everyone! How’re things going?

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Tropical Prints: Pineapples and Palm Trees All Over

It's Tropical

                   Lately, I’m in a continuous search for the tallest and most beautiful palm trees around and I can easily say that it’s a daily matter to shot some pictures of them.

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9 Must Have Items In Your Closet For A Stylish Summer

       New Phototastic Collage



            Hey there everyone!  

            As you probably already know, at least one post per week contains different clothing items worth to buy, are current trends and I like. 

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Yes, please!

    I made my list already and I add two of this special breed of bunnies because I think is the most healthy and correct way for them as pets… Take a look !