Thinking Cooler

I can’t wait to wear a trench coat, a puffer, a blazer, a bomber … a somethhhiinngg, and of course I made my list already with some coats I absolutely love. Continue reading “Thinking Cooler”


Back To Black And White

I don’t know why but most of the times I wear black. Or black and white, or black and grey, or whatever, but to be black in my outfits.

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It Was A Double Denim Kinda Day / Spilling Thoughts

Hey there peeps, the cold weather person here, remember me?

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This Is Me Walking In Heels | Back To The Sweater

See, I told you before that I would wear this sweater with pretty much everything…

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Sky Blue Jeans | OOTD

When it comes to my go-to outfits there are jeans included and when it comes to jeans, I really prefer a high waisted pair, with a relaxed fit…

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Suede Pants & Sweater Weather | OOTD

Ohhh…the sweater, one of the must-have clothing pieces which never go out of style, right?

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