City Walker | OOTD

I’m a keeper! I am that kind of person who keeps everything well, in great condition when it comes to clothes and especially to shoes. 

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It Was A Double Denim Kinda Day / Spilling Thoughts

Hey there peeps, the cold weather person here, remember me?

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Sky Blue Jeans | OOTD

When it comes to my go-to outfits there are jeans included and when it comes to jeans, I really prefer a high waisted pair, with a relaxed fit…

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Casual Denim Spring Outfit


             Hey, guys! 

             In my last posts featuring trend reports, the denim is the one that is constantly present, whether if I talked about one pair of good jeans, a jacket, shirt or even accessories patched with a bit of the classic denim texture.

            We all know that denim is on top of what’s trending for spring/summer 2017 and we know that wearing denim with denim, it was not the best and happy option, until some time now.

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Denim: Forever Trendy

           Hello, everyone! Fashion Trend Spring Summer 2017 Ripped Jeans and Distressed Denim         Denim has become a timeless trend, one of those trends that never dies and it just reinvents itself each season. Is versatile, easy to wear, seasonal and since I have a strong relation and wear jeans at least three times a week, I decided today to make them more popular than already are. 🙂

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Outfits To Inspire Our Looks

         Hey, guys! How’s everything? I really hope you have a bright and great weekend so far!
         Until now I wrote a lot about latest big fashion trends for spring and summer and of course about which ones I like or not so much.
        At this point we all know what’s trending for S/S 17, we know what we like or not, what’s good for our silhouettes and we know already in what we are going to invest for these two warm seasons. 

        So, for today, I wanted something different…
LFW Street Style Spring 2017

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Top 5 Trends I Love For The Upcoming Fall


        Hello, peeps!            

        Isn’t madness that for some spring has just begun … and in some parts of the world the sunny and warmer weather is still expected? 

        While some of us, had no reason yet to arrange their wardrobes, bringing spring clothing in the front line and not even taste and wear all those bright trends for spring, as every year, designers already delighted us through their fashion shows and highlighted the new big trends for the fall season. 

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