From Granny’s Wardrobe #day4

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           Hey, you guys! How’s everything going? It has been two days without posting anything and it felt like more than that and like something was missing.

          So, here I am today, back, with probably the last post based on my little ″From Granny’s Wardrobe″ thing and this is the fourth outfit where I added real clothing items from my grandmother’s closet. If is someone new here or didn’t catch up with the other outfits and is curious to see, here are the links for first, second & third posts from my little challenge.

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From Granny’s Wardrobe #day3

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       Hello, everyone. I’m back with another outfit which contains one item from my granny’s wardrobe and just in case you’re new around here or you have missed the other two outfits and the story of my little challenge… you can find right here the DAY 1 & DAY 2 posts.  


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From Granny’s Wardrobe #day2

          Hey, guys! 

         Here I am and I returned with my little ″challenge″, consisting wearing some clothes from my grandmother’s wardrobe, which I liked and I thought I can do something with. 

         In case you don’t know what is all about, you are new on my blog or just in case you missed the first outfit and the little story … you can check it right here.


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Don’t mind my hat…

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From Granny’s Wardrobe

         Hey there readers! Hope you had a bright day so far! 

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           It might sound funny or ridiculous to some of you, but I started a challenge, which consists of wearing granny’s clothes. Not just the granny style with vintage clothes, but the real clothes of my grandmother, which I liked and of course I seized. 

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