Trends I Will Never Wear / But That’s Just Me


Denim, gingham, black. Oh, and those super cute Dior shoes that I probably wouldn't be able to keep on.


                          Hey there you guys! 

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Celebrity Style File: Stella Maxwell

                           Hey there everyone! 
                           For me, blogging begins on Tuesday and, as I’ve been accustomed you, every week I come with a fresh and fast inspiration post about the best-dressed celebs.
                           Keep reading to see what’s in for today!

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Celebrity Style File: Blake Lively


                         Hey, guys! Tuesday it’s here and I have to welcome you back to my fast post of inspiration, coming from the best-dressed celebs, in my weekly Celebrity Style File.

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Celebrity Style File: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo Loves Her...Gerard Darel ‘Woodstock’ 24 Hour Bag - Red...

         Hey there everyone! How’re things going? 

         Need some style inspiration? 

        Where to get the best source of inspiration, if not from the most famous models or the best-dressed celebrities, right?

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Let’s Talk Met Gala 2017


                 Attention Please! The following content is based strictly on my sensitive eyesight and its effects on ” way too much” and “less is more”.

                 Please do not boo when you get to Rihanna, Madonna, Katy Perry or to Bella Hadid, which makes me think to The Penguin from Batman Returns because of her chosen outfit!

                This is highly subjective! 🙂


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Outfits To Inspire Our Looks

         Hey, guys! How’s everything? I really hope you have a bright and great weekend so far!
         Until now I wrote a lot about latest big fashion trends for spring and summer and of course about which ones I like or not so much.
        At this point we all know what’s trending for S/S 17, we know what we like or not, what’s good for our silhouettes and we know already in what we are going to invest for these two warm seasons. 

        So, for today, I wanted something different…
LFW Street Style Spring 2017

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