My Go-To Outfits / Favourite Items For Fall / The Raincoat


                       It’s all about red these days and YES, I LOVE to wear a light raincoat in this bright hue… even though here, I still have to wait for some drops to come…

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Fashion Finds: June List


                            Hey there everyone! How’re things going?

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Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials For Summer



                          Hey there everyone, as we all know already, a lot of new trends for the current and future seasons are revealed, influenced and constantly presented during the great fashion shows. 

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Must Have Espadrilles All Summer



                            I remember that on my list of shoes that I did not like and would not have bought a few years ago, there were espadrilles and all that meant shoes with the sole made of cork or jute rope.  I did not like even the name at that time… espadrilles…

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9 Must Have Items In Your Closet For A Stylish Summer

       New Phototastic Collage



            Hey there everyone!  

            As you probably already know, at least one post per week contains different clothing items worth to buy, are current trends and I like. 

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Fancy Flats


           Good morning, everyone!

           We all know that the biggest fashion events, from all the top cities reveal and influence the latest trends for the current and future seasons, by presenting the best runway looks and it doesn’t really matter that the trends are changing so quickly, since the most well known international commercial clothing retailers like ZARA, Topshop, Mango or H&M are already ahead of the curve. 

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