What’s In My Luggage / True Autumn, Here I Come



                            Hey guys!

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What Happened To August?


                            Hey, guys! It’s been three days since I came back and I barely manage to get on with my old posting schedule.  

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Thank You Note

           I did this once, in the beginning, when I only had a handful of articles written and I was pleased to see that few people are passing by and read them. This time it’s different, few people have become much more than I expected in these few months and remained the constant readers, followers and subscribers of my blog. 

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What to buy now: Spring list #part2


                 If I wrote here last days such as… for me comes already spring and the sun rays are warmer and brighter and all is greener around and blah blah blah… a few hours after I press the publish post button, the sky went completely dark, came out of nowhere a strong cold wind and Larnaca city was covered by a heavy rain, with pretty large hail pieces, which at first I enjoyed, believing it snows and wondering if it is strong enough to be deposited on the streets.  

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With which one can you relate the most?




                       ″Clothes do not make the man″ it’s such a well-known phrase and an age-old dilemma and I’m sure, there still are people that don’t believe or agree with it.

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