Reasons To Be All In With The Silk-Satin Fashion Trend

                    Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend.


                    Last year, worn over t-shirts, under sweatshirts or just normal, as a dress can be worn, the slip silky dresses, were a huge thing, a must-have piece in the wardrobe and it’s absolutely nothing wrong if we are still wearing them from time to time,  especially now, during summer. 

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Good Reasons To Be Into Neutral Creamy Hues


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                       In countless ways and every time when I wrote posts featuring colour trends, I pointed out that I am a great fan of neutral colours. 

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All Black Everything

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              I am a big fan of monochromatic outfits and most of those in nude shades or black.

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Burnt Orange Loafers and Flowery Detail


                 Hello there everyone!

                 I’m starting the fresh new week, with this post based on my a few days ago outfit… 

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My Look Of The First Day


                 Hello, everyone!

                Normally, I do not like to talk about things I plan to start or have started, at least not until they get a stronger outline and will show signs of lasting on for the future. Call me superstitious if you like … or not … since I just started talking about it.

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From Granny’s Wardrobe #day4

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           Hey, you guys! How’s everything going? It has been two days without posting anything and it felt like more than that and like something was missing.

          So, here I am today, back, with probably the last post based on my little ″From Granny’s Wardrobe″ thing and this is the fourth outfit where I added real clothing items from my grandmother’s closet. If is someone new here or didn’t catch up with the other outfits and is curious to see, here are the links for first, second & third posts from my little challenge.

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