Burnt Orange Loafers and Flowery Detail


                 Hello there everyone!

                 I’m starting the fresh new week, with this post based on my a few days ago outfit… 

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Trends to Take Your Style to The Next Level

              Hey, everyone! Thanks to the fast forward moving fashion we have constantly new trend updates and plenty of options and items to choose to refresh our wardrobes and renew our looks. Spring has come, and with it comes the need to update the wardrobes with easier clothes, smoother and colourful and why not, with accessories, because due to the warmer weather, will not be hidden under padded coats anymore and be visible. 

The Top Trends From Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week

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Bright 8 March

              Hello, peeps! How’s everything?

             First, I would like to send a bright and warm Happy Women’s and Mothers Day to you all ladies! I really hope you had along with your special ones, a stunning day, coloured by lots of beautiful fresh flowers. 


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The little lady choosing some flowers…


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What to buy now: Spring list #part2


                 If I wrote here last days such as… for me comes already spring and the sun rays are warmer and brighter and all is greener around and blah blah blah… a few hours after I press the publish post button, the sky went completely dark, came out of nowhere a strong cold wind and Larnaca city was covered by a heavy rain, with pretty large hail pieces, which at first I enjoyed, believing it snows and wondering if it is strong enough to be deposited on the streets.  

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What to buy now : Spring list #part1


                       I talked a few days ago about the new trends in fashion and accessories for the upcoming or for the new season. Certainly, for some of us, the blooming season comes earlier, already the sun’s rays are warmer and brighter and of course once with that, our mind jumps to lighter clothes and brighter colours.

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