Celebrity Style File: Stella Maxwell

                           Hey there everyone! 
                           For me, blogging begins on Tuesday and, as I’ve been accustomed you, every week I come with a fresh and fast inspiration post about the best-dressed celebs.
                           Keep reading to see what’s in for today!

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Celebrity Style File: Lady Gaga

pearl face


                   Hello everyone and welcome back to my weekly Celebrity Style File featuring a fast post of inspiration, coming from the best-dressed celebs. 


                   I have always liked the singers who can really sing, the stars who do not hide behind their finger and those whose names over the years from now on will turn into legends and Gaga it’s one of those legendary stars for sure.

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NYFW’s Best Street Style Looks

                                          New York Fashion Week - Street Style - Day 7   

                                                 What is more stylish than the NYFW street style outfits and who said that the sidewalk can’t be a fashion runway as well? Continue reading “NYFW’s Best Street Style Looks”

Top Shoes Seen During Fashion Week

              Hey, guys! This Sunday is about shoes!

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Lady in Black


        Even if spring is just around the corner and If I have spoken many times about bright colours and playful floral prints that are trending for the new season, today is about my favourites … meaning the dark shades. While the spring 2017 fashion trends recommend us to go for warmer tones, neutral and peaceful shades, it really is no mistake occasionally to opt for the eternal black or other dark shades. And especially when they lead in our dressers…

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