Let’s Talk Met Gala 2017


                 Attention Please! The following content is based strictly on my sensitive eyesight and its effects on ” way too much” and “less is more”.

                 Please do not boo when you get to Rihanna, Madonna, Katy Perry or to Bella Hadid, which makes me think to The Penguin from Batman Returns because of her chosen outfit!

                This is highly subjective! 🙂


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What the Stars Wore

              Hello everyone, how are you guys? 🙂

The surprising, bizarre, 2,500-year history of the Oscars' red carpet

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Pros and cons for Golden Ladies

                   As always in life, there are pros and cons, good or bad, and when it comes to clothing and outfits I just do not know if we could make a balance between people well dressed and the less well or badly dressed, but I want to I think and hope that good will overcome. 🙂

Golden Globes red carpet fashion necklines plunge south, metallics...

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