Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Top Runway Trends #part2

New Phototastic Collage                          

                            Hey, you guys!

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Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials For Summer



                          Hey there everyone, as we all know already, a lot of new trends for the current and future seasons are revealed, influenced and constantly presented during the great fashion shows. 

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In and Out: Fashion Trends to Follow

                     Hey, guys!

                    Every fashion trend has its time and as we are accustomed to fashion that is in a continuous movement and proposes a lot of fashion trends for every season of the year through stunning fashion shows, it is no longer a secret that once some new ones appear, others disappear.

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The Hues Of Spring – Bold Colours From Head To Toe

Neon Madness The Trend Spring 2017

           Hellooo, peeps! How are you guys doing? Have you already gleamed with the Easter preparations? Since Easter is around the corner, it is a big week, full of many things to do and it’s already Friday, I honestly say that I do not know what should I do first. It is true that we, ourselves, complicate our lives in one way or another… or at least me, considering that I decided to cook sooo many things, much more than before as if I have who knows how many guests. 

          I know the wonder … What does that have to do with the post title? I have no idea! Just popped in my head and I had to let it go! 🙂

        Back to my subject for today, since every time I talk about fashion trends that were seen on the fashion runways and generally about trends I like and that I can accept easily, today I thought I’d stop by hues of spring… to see what’s in. 

       I deserve this break after all those coloured eggs I’ve made! 

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Top 5 Trends I Love For The Upcoming Fall


        Hello, peeps!            

        Isn’t madness that for some spring has just begun … and in some parts of the world the sunny and warmer weather is still expected? 

        While some of us, had no reason yet to arrange their wardrobes, bringing spring clothing in the front line and not even taste and wear all those bright trends for spring, as every year, designers already delighted us through their fashion shows and highlighted the new big trends for the fall season. 

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