Must Have Espadrilles All Summer



                            I remember that on my list of shoes that I did not like and would not have bought a few years ago, there were espadrilles and all that meant shoes with the sole made of cork or jute rope.  I did not like even the name at that time… espadrilles…

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What the Stars Wore

              Hello everyone, how are you guys? 🙂

The surprising, bizarre, 2,500-year history of the Oscars' red carpet

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Men’s Spring/Summer 17 Wearable Trends


                 Hey, you guys!!! How is each and one of you? I hope you had a glorious valentine’s day!!! 🙂

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Dresses of the day !


    Hello everyone, I hope you all are great !

    Since is the most beautiful period of the year and it’s already December the month that surrounds us all with the important festive celebrations, today I really want to talk about dresses. Dresses can easily be worn during winter holidays and not only. I really found some precious ones ! They are special and glamorous and I’m pretty sure that every woman would like to own.   Continue reading “Dresses of the day !”

Yes, please!

    I made my list already and I add two of this special breed of bunnies because I think is the most healthy and correct way for them as pets… Take a look !