The See-Through Trend


                     Hey, you guys! How’re things going? I really hope that you had a delicious 1st of June, filled with relaxation, happiness, lots of laughter and fun.

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Tropical Prints: Pineapples and Palm Trees All Over

It's Tropical

                   Lately, I’m in a continuous search for the tallest and most beautiful palm trees around and I can easily say that it’s a daily matter to shot some pictures of them.

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Trends to Take Your Style to The Next Level

              Hey, everyone! Thanks to the fast forward moving fashion we have constantly new trend updates and plenty of options and items to choose to refresh our wardrobes and renew our looks. Spring has come, and with it comes the need to update the wardrobes with easier clothes, smoother and colourful and why not, with accessories, because due to the warmer weather, will not be hidden under padded coats anymore and be visible. 

The Top Trends From Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week

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The 5 New Spring Fashion Trends


                   Hello peeps, how is everything? I missed a bit, but not without a good reason and if we remain connected as before, you will see very soon what it is about. But until then let’s talk spring and clothes! 🙂

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Use bags to complete the personal style and look


                 ″Art needs a focal point, so does an outfit″

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Oh, winter where have you gone? Spring/Summer 2017 to be! #part2

   Embed from Getty Images

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What’s Trending

Trends are important and spread rapidly among women and as well among men. They come and go, but some trends are maybe here to stay…  I mean, if one of the current ones is in your style and you really like, will certainly stick with you, at least for a while until the new one that you may enjoy more will take his place or until the new season. :)) Don’t ask…

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