Happy valentine’s day, with lots of chocolates and flowers you guys!!!


Valentine's Day


Let’s get social!


Hello, everyone!!! The friends and followers number growing day by day, it gives me nothing but joy, confidence and strength to continue to write here and I thank you very much for this! At the same time, with this little thanks note for you guys, I would like to say that I made my blog Facebook page and if you want to get closer and support me on there how you do it here, you can hit like and follow, right here! 


Thanks a bunch and you all have a great weekend! Muah!


Cheers!!! Happy New Year!!!

      Hey, guys! I hope you had a Very Merry Christmas and the winter holidays brought you peace of mind, quality time with your families, light in your souls and everything else you wished for! My Christmas it was ok, after many years celebrating with our friends, this year it was a quiet one, only us, eating traditional Romanian food, watching Christmas movies, opening the presents and it was pretty nice even if I thought it’s going to be a bit depressing with only the three of us. Welcome back to write and read friends! Muah! 💋